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Dr Y N Trivedi

I/c Head, CCE

Email: head.cce@nirmauni.ac.in
Phone: 07971652404

Continuing Education is a lifelong learning process which meets the variety of needs of industry, business and the community. It includes upgradation of skills through training programmes. Resources available in the form of laboratories, instruments, software, and expert faculty can be utilised not only for our own students but also for industries, professionals, and for general public.
Continuing education caters to the needs of today’s world by arranging outcome based short term and long term programmes not only for internal students but also for the community members as a whole to stay with the latest developments, skills, and new technologies required for their fields.

Mr Dipak Bhatt

Assistant, CCE

Email: dipak.bhatt@nirmauni.ac.in
Phone: 07971652106